This will be the easiest change you can make to make significant health improvements including reduced body fat.
You have likely heard of intermittent fasting (IF). It is simply eating in a certain time window then fasting for the remaining 24 hours. The benefits go far beyond burning fat. It can regulate blood sugar, improve heart health, and has been suggested by research to help reduce the risk of cancer. The great thing about it is, it is easy to implement because it doesn’t require overhauling the content of your diet.
We are going to focus the time restricted Feeding (TRF) method. Its has tremendous health benefits and can help you burn fat fast.

TRF means taking in calories in a set amount of time, then fasting for the remainder of the day. It matches your circadian rhythm and metabolic clock. Eat within a 9-12 hour window and fast for the remaining 12-15 hours. For example, I typically rise around 5:30AM. I’ll wait until 8AM to take in my first calories. I will have my last meal before 8PM. You can set your schedule to whatever works best for you. On the weekends, I will do one longer fast, between 15-17 hours.

Benefits Of TRF

1. Shreds body Fat!

You can greatly increase the amount of fat you burn just by changing when you eat.
An increasing amount of research suggest TRF maintains lean muscle and burns fat. One reason for this is simply, if your eating time is restricted, it is much easier to achieve a calorie deficit (1). It also reduces hunger. That by itself can shed the pounds. Seriously, has McDonalds ever sounded appetizing when you were not starving? No, it’s the equivalent to the ‘walk of shame’; great idea when desperate with a lack of options.
TRF regulates your insulin. Insulin is the hormone released from your pancreas after you eat. This vital hormone regulates blood sugar. It decides if the sugar will be used or stored. Taking time off from eating keeps insulin low and shifts your body into fat burn gear.

2. Easy to do

As stated earlier, this is too easy not to do. We aren’t even talking about the ‘what’ in your diet yet. That is the hard part.
Decide on a schedule that works best for you and get started. Depending on your current feeding window, I recommend the 12:12 schedule. This may require you eat a later breakfast or earlier dinner but it is definitely doable. This may take a week or two to adjust to if you are accustomed to eating in a longer window of time. Just stick with it. It becomes automatic.
Even if TRF is the only thing you implement, you will lose fat because of the timing unless your diet is disastrous.

3. Live Longer

While your body is in a fasted state, it is biologically driven to find ways to keep you alive. But do not think of more as better. Keep it in that 8-12-hour feeding window.
TRF has a great impact on metabolism (2). According to Dr. Rhonda Patrick (leading expert in the field with a Ph.D in biomedical sciences), when we eat beyond a 12-hour window, our metabolism is compromised. We become more insulin resistant, our muscles can atrophy, and we stop processing nutrients the way they are intended. She says TRF gives your body a chance to recover so it can optimize the metabolic process.
Studies have shown reduced LDL (bad cholesterol) with TRF (2). All preventable diseases, including many cancers, can come down to problems with metabolism, which are brought on by lifestyle behaviors that can easily be changed.
Interesting studies conducted on mice have proven TRF has increases lifespan (3). Two groups of mice were fed the same amount and the same content. Group 1 ate withing a 10-hour window, while group 2 ate day and night. Group 2 2 was a mess! They gained weight. Group 1 actually gained muscle!
Implementing TRF is easy. It preserves muscle, burns the love handles, improves bio markers, adds years to your life. Sounds pretty good to me! It should be mentioned that this subject needs further research but the current data is promising.

Key Notes:
*Being consistent with TRF will motivate you to do more and tighten up your diet. This will snowball into big results!
*It is OK if you cheat here and there. 1x per week.
*Just because you did a fast, doesn’t mean you earned a gorge session.
*Strength training should be done in the feeding window. You will not get the full benefit of resistance training during a fast. You can do cardio in a fasted state, which has been reported to be beneficial but keep it light. High performance and output will require the necessary energy.
*Start with the 12-hour feeding window and then see if you can reduce it to 10 as you adapt.
*Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water!
*Anything that has any caloric value breaks your fast. Sugar in your coffee? Fast is over. Coffee is great because it helps reduce hunger but leave out the creamers.
*However, according to Dr. Rhonda, even black coffee breaks your fast because it has to be processed it by the liver. Research for yourself. I choose to drink coffee and have found great benefits. I’ll wait for empirical data before I stop drinking coffee during my fast!

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you found it useful. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way. Thanks!