Life gets busy and too often the wrong things are sacrificed.  There are always things that will come up, so the idea of waiting for the right time or not having enough time is never a valid excuse.  We make time for what's most important to us.  

If time is limited, as it is for most of us, you need to do short and efficient workouts.  The main thing is being consistent and giving it your all. You can get amazing results with 20-30 minute workouts.  Spending hours in the gym is not necessary.  In most cases it's not feasible.  What will never get results is making excuses or waiting for the right time. 

The Workouts

These workouts will cover the entire body.  They are designed to be relatively intense, comprehensive, and time efficient.  Alternate these two workouts 3-4x per week.  Additionally, add 20-30 minutes of cardio on the other days. Consistency is key. 

The workouts will be comprehensive.  They strategically work all planes of motion and all muscle groups.  The focusses that make a good routine are as follows:

  • Push exercises in horizontal and vertical planes
  • Pull exercises in horizontal and vertical planes
  • Hip exercises with squats/lunges/deadlifts
  • Full body exercises

This focus insures we are working the body symmetrically, which is missing in most peoples workout routines.

These workouts incorporate both strength and cardio.  Your heart rate will be up and you will feel a pump.  

Workout A.

For both workouts; Perform 3 sets of each circuit. Your circuits will consist of the 3 exercises. Rest no more than :30 between exercises and no more than 1 minute between sets.  Make sure to have a timer.  *This workout is more Push dominate.  

3 rounds x 12 reps each 

3 rounds x 12 reps each 

  • Squats.  Depending on your experience, you can perform any squat you wish; back squat, front squat, goblet squat... 
  • DB bench press
  • DB step ups (12 each leg) - lose the weights if you are a beginner

3 rounds x 12 reps each (abs)

Workout B.

This workout is more Pull dominate.  

3 rounds x 12 reps each 

  • Dumbbell Bent over rows
  • Deadlifts (use heavier DBs or a barbell if you are experienced) - a tight core with no bend in the back is essential.   
  • Dumbell bent over flys

3 rounds x 12 reps each 

  • Pull-ups *modify with lat pull downs if you have access to cables or you can perform a modified pullup with a band.  
  • Split squats on the bench (6 each leg, add DBs to advance the movement.  This one is more push dominate but it works the glutes like nothing else!)
  • Standing DB hammer curls

3 rounds x 12 reps each 

  • Russian twists with any form of weight.  (24 total)
  • Leg raises with :03 count on the way down.   

Further instructions:

It might be the case this routine is more advanced than you are ready for.  No worries; all you need to do is set the 30 minute clock and reduce the SETS to 2 instead of 3.  When you are ready, increase it to 3.  

Trust me, you have the time.  You just need to prioritize it.  

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