My 6 week challenge before and after pics: Before weight 155.  Current weight 155.   Before body fat 14%.  Current body fat 10%.

Working on 3 businesses at the same time had an affect on my personal health.  While I didn’t let it get too out of hand, I did lose a lot of strength and muscle tone.  I decided this was not acceptable, especially given my profession and my consistent message, ‘your health has to be number 1 priority!’.  So, I committed to making a few simple changes and 6 weeks later my progress was significant.  My fitness journey is never ending!  In a few months, I’ll post again to show how much you can change with a few simple adjustments.

Jason is down 40 and still going!  He’s getting shredded.

“If anyone wants an experienced and successful trainer that makes the process easy and your goals attainable, look up Clay Henderson!” – Jason

Jillian drops 10 pounds in 6 weeks!


Health and Fitness Transformation – John

From over 300 pounds to marathon runner – How’d she do it?