Personal training with Clay Henderson, CSCS 

Invest In Yourself 

What you get:

1. Custom fitness programming for you goals and needs..  

2. Excellent coaching. You will learn to move correctly, perform the movements to get the most value out of them, and stay injury free. 

3. Fat burning nutrition guide - we will optimize your diet to burn fat and lean your body.  This does not require restricting calories or fad diets.  

If you are ready to reach your goals once and for all, then I look forward to working with you

Requirements for working with me:

  1. Full commitment to trying your best
  2. Show up no matter what - zero cancelations
  3. Keep a positive attitude
  4. Follow the program

*Cancelations without 24 hours notice WILL BE CHARGED!  I value my time as much as I value yours.  

*Availability is very limited. I only accept dedicated clients who want to make meaningful changes.

If you are here then I know you are serious about changing your life.  Don't over think it.  The first session is free, so just do it:)

Pricing Options

1x per week

Monthly payments




  • No contracts
  •  1 Training session per week
  • Easy to follow Programming
  • Meal planning
Value Pack
30 Sessions

One time payment



  • Train as frequent as you want
  • No contracts
  • No refunds
  • 1 year expiration date

24 hour cancelation policy STRICTLY in effect with exception to real emergencies.  

Where do I train people? ~ Performance Edge CrossFit

Have Questions?  Let me know how I can help