Who doesn’t want well defined abs?  If you are wanting to develop these elusive muscles, here is a simple killer Ab routine that you need to start doing. It will hit all aspect of your midsection. These movements have been proven to be some of the most effective exercises for stimulating the abdominal muscles.

Disclaimer… You’ll have to get your diet in check before you see any results. These moves will significantly improve the look of your abs as you lean down with the proper nutritional habits. If your body fat is over 25% you can still do these moves with great benefit, but it doesn’t matter how developed they become, they will not make an appearance until you have peeled a few layers of fat.

1. Hanging knees raises.

Hanging knees raises. STRICT! Go slow and try to raise you knees to your chest.

2. Ab roll outs.

Maintain a flat back. STOP if your back begins to hyper extend. You should feel this in your abs and lays, not your back.

3. Scissor crunches.

Like the bicycles but with straight legs. Go slow and crunch up as high as you can towards the opposite knee.


Try this killer ab routine.

2 rounds

10 hanging knees raises

10 Ab roll outs

20 scissors.

Rest no more than :30 between exercises.

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Each set should take NO LESS than :30. You have to keep these muscles under tension for a long time. They are primarily ‘slow twitch’ muscle fibers. They hold a lot of oxygen and twitch slowly, meaning they have higher endurance compared to primarily ‘fast twitch’ muscle fibers that do not hold much oxygen but twitch quickly.

BEFORE changing the routine, increase volume over a two-week span before. Work on proficiency and quality movements. If your back is hurting, that is the prime indicator you were not engaging you abs rendering the effort pointless.

Try this routine and let me know how it goes please!

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