Jason's Amazing Fitness Journey 

I can't speak highly enough for my client and friend Jason.  He is a prime example of what hard work and dedication can do not only for your body but your mind overall wellbeing too.  

With a full time job and business to run along with a wife and 4 kids, time is not abundant for him.  If he heard that excuse from anyone he might smack them.  Actually, that's unlikely, as he's a very nice guy in addition to be a dedicated person.  t 

He is currently down over 50 pounds and is in the best shape of his life doing things he could never do before.

There's nothing magical about his transformation.  It's just professional programming, coaching, and follow through on his end.    

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Clay Henderson

Clay Henderson is a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist with over 12 years experience. He owns multiple fitness business. He is also a fitness blogger and online trainer and fitness program designer.