There is no secret to losing weight. Calories out must exceed calories in and voila, you are dropping the Lbs. It’s that simple. So, if you are looking for the magic cocktail, I can’t help you. But – If you are serious about getting lean, then read on, because I am going to share one of the best and most proven fitness programs that will get you there fast. 

Why Bootcamps Work Fast

Bootcamps are mixture of more functional movements done at a high intensity. The intensity is relative, so there shouldn’t be the excuse ‘I’m not in shape enough to do that’. Any good trainer will be able to modify the workouts for your ability. Here are five reasons Bootcamps are amazing for weight loss.

  1. There is a great variety. These workouts mix calisthenic exercise, with cardio, and strength movements. They are designed as full body workouts. A well programmed bootcamp will have a good balance of upper body and lower body work. This allows for greater intensity and that leads to burning a lot of calories! It isn’t just the calories you burn during the bootcamp. It is the calories you burn afterwards. These intense workouts increase you metabolism for hours after the session significantly.
  2. Strength! You want to get ‘tone’? Then you better work on getting stronger. I’ve heard the ‘I just want to get tone’. Well, that’s not happening on your elliptical. Tone won’t happen if you are not pushing it with strength training. (of course, the diet is a key factor, but that’s a different topic)
  3. They are fun. Bootcamps are high energy classes that should be led by qualified coaches. You will be in a group setting, which makes it more engaging. When you enjoy hard work, you are going to be more consistent and that is what gets you real results! (Consistency x Intensity = badass)
  4. Accountability. This goes along with the group dynamic. The group of peers you’re sweating with won’t let you slack off. In my experience, I have found that lack of support is the number one reason people fail with their fitness goals. I can’t stress how powerful it is to have people who hold you accountable.
  5. Coaching. Hopefully (you should) you are getting the coaching you deserve. Professional coaching is the difference maker. A great coach is not a cheerleader. Yes they are positive and encouraging but their job is to train you to do things as proficiently as possible. They are there to keep you safe first and then push you. What you can learn from a good coach in a week will exceed what you could learn from a lifetime of YouTube videos.

Exercise Variation

Bootcamp offers a much wider variety of exercises than what you will do in a traditional gym. In class, you will get to work with dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, and a lot of unique body weight exercises. All of which are highly functional. Functional exercises can be described in different ways. To keep it simple I’ll just say they mimic real life movement patterns and require a full body effort.

Who Are Bootcamps For?

Bootcamps are not for everyone. But current fitness levels, age, and weight are not disqualifies, so don’t think of using those as excuses. As long as you have a good coach, the workouts will be scaled down (or up) to your abilities. They can be intimidating for a lot of people at first but after your first session that will go away.

Serious Calorie Burn

These workouts burn a serious amount of calories. Most bootcamps will do a lot of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This is mix of bursts of very high intensity followed by a brief recovery period. This type of training is proven to be highly effective for maximizing your fat burn and overall fitness! It is also highly time efficient, as you do not have to spend hours in the gym if you are doing HIIT.

Do Your Research

I must caution you that not all bootcamps are created equal. A quality bootcamp will make you more resilient and resistant to injury by teaching you the correct form and holding you accountable to maintaining that form. However, there some that only know the intensity part. They do not understand proper progressions, scaling, and do not put enough emphasis on form.

Three basic things to ask for before attending a class:

  1. What are the coaches qualifications and how long have they been instructing?
  2. How many participants are there in each class?
  3. Can I watch a class

If the coach is not experienced, don’t think about. Having an unqualified person led a high intensity workout is asking for problems.

If there are more than 15 participants, it doesn’t matter how good the coach is, it is impossible to care for everyone. There are some exceptional coaches that can handle up to 20 but ideally it should be 12 or less unless there are multiple coaches.

I highly recommend watching a class to get a good idea of what they do and observe how well the coach interacts with their clients. You can tell if they are coaching or just cheer leading or even worse, playing on their phone not paying attention.

Also, make sure the coach is aware of any physical limitations.

bootcamps are an effective and fun way to get in shape and stay in shape!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know in comments below if you have any questions! Thank you.