The muscle-up is my favorite body weight exercise.  It requires a lot of strength, power, and skill to master.  Although, it is a highly difficult movement, everyone can work on the progressions to make improvements.

In the video, I discuss the 3 key elements to performing a muscle up with efficiency.

  1. False Grip.  This grip is tough for most people to master.  It feels unnatural and demands some strength of the forearm to stay activated.  The video does not go into detail on the false grip but I can’t stress it enough how important it is to get comfortable with this style of grip.
  2. Hip Extensions.  Like any other great high power output exercise, explosive hip extension is important for getting the body moving.  As you begin to pull towards the rings, powerfully thrust your hips straight up.  This will put you in a horizontal position and ready for the turnover.
  3. The Turnover.  This is the last step.  It comes right after you have extended your hips and pulled the rings to your armpits. At this point throw your torso forward while quickly bringing your elbows back and up.  You want to land on top of the rings in a sturdy position with the rings snug to your sides.

Then of course, just finish the movement with the dip.  Make sure to hangout there for a while and smile for the camera!

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It is without a doubt one of the most advanced exercises in CrossFit but there is nothing like getting your first muscle-up.  It’s an awesome feeling for the athlete and the coach as well.  It is an awesome milestone to reach and a big goal I have for everyone who walks into my gym regardless of current skill level.  It may be months or years, I want to see it happen.

Elizabeth’s 1st muscle-up on camera! So awesome!

Let me know how it goes!