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About Clay 

Clay is a certified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist for over 10 years working with hundreds of clients helping them lose weight, tone up, perform better and live longer.  He offers online training and in person (very limited in person availability).  Clay specializes in leaning out fitness programs for women.  You can see his other site here.  


Training Programs

8 Week Transformation

Drop 5% body fat or more on this awesome program.  You will get everything you need to accomplish your goals!


Level-Up Programming

Sometimes all you need is the right program to take your fitness to the next level and beyond.  Level-up programming is simple to follow, fun, scientifically proven, and exactly what you need to live in the body you deserve.


Quickstart Consult

Begin your fitness journey with a full fitness assessment and strategy for success.  Your Quickstart consult can be in person or Online










Killer Ab Routine!

Who doesn’t want well defined abs?  If you are wanting to develop these elusive muscles, here is a simple killer Ab routine that you need to start doing. It will hit all aspect of your Read more…

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